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"embarrass someone to make others laugh. You want to combine the elements of humiliation and surprise."
-topher grace, "that 70s show"
Ooooh! He just pantsed you in front of your girlfriend! Burn!
by ALxzzzfoshizzle February 12, 2009
to make fun of; to diss in an extremely severe way
Courtney burned Chanie with evil comments about her "fabulous" cooking.
by chanie elizabeth April 13, 2008
To dis', rip or insult someone. The passed tense is 'burnt'.
"When he gets back we'll burn him about the high heels we found in his closet."
"Man you just got burnt!"
by Diego July 30, 2003
to get playing time in a sport, minutes in a game or amount of playing time.
Yo coach give me some burn!
by Pierre & Nick April 11, 2008
To accept that a relationship is over despite you're still hanging on.


Damn, I love his ass. Guess I shouldn't have cheated. Oh wel... gotta let it burn.
by Jae Spence September 05, 2005
To burn someone off is to dump them, cease involvement with or do something to belittle them. You can either 'burn someone off' or 'get burnt' if they do it to you. The person who gets burnt will often have a feeling of rejection
Mike: "Hey are you still going out with that girl?"
Bill: "Nar, I decided to burn her off"

Henry: "Hey you guys wanna go to that party tonight?"
Dave: "Nar, it wont be any good"
Stu: "Haha, Henry you just got burnt"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
To betray or to be betrayed (burned)
Kane burned his team, and they died as a result.
by Asher613 November 17, 2007