a word originating in the internet, meaning a bitch, a n00b, a moron

as an adgective-pwned, n00bed
OMFG j00 r a sucky bun, bun!

your such a bun that your sprouting onions, bun!

by Kant March 28, 2005
Someone who is foolish. This word originated by a poster on the Wizards of the Coast boards named "Zerg0nator"
I think that Bush is a bun.
by Lt. Ripper March 26, 2005
Glaswegian background.

Means a herrie, a slapper, a cow - generally a girl that can't keep her legs shut.
"She's a pure bun by 'ra way"

"That bun has been around the block a few times - in fact, more often than the ice-cream van."
by Mr_X September 11, 2004
Birthday Cakes
Chris Saich has left buns in the West Wing Kitchen!
by Valery Karyakin January 21, 2004
mari-juarna, aka gropter
mate have you got any buns? no i just smoked my last bun during chambers
by guiche and two veg September 24, 2003
verb/action word
to smoke weed
Let's bun one.
Did you guys bun without me?
Do you have any bunnables?
by Patty J September 18, 2003
play or a source of play
Yo man, did you get any buns from that girl last night?
by J September 06, 2003

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