1. v. The act of liking one self's private parts in public. Usually done by a household pet but you never know.
I hate it when my dog buns in public; it is so nasty!
by goosebreath6 January 31, 2009
To poke your fingers into a girl's hair bun where the hair goes into a circle and leaves a hole.
To Bun a person's hair: Bunning.
Guy: Hey, you've got nice hair today.
Girl: Gee, thank-- WTF! STOP BUNNING MY HAIR!
by Dara Davis October 25, 2008
For one to bun something is to continue without interruption for an extended period of time.
"Man i'm gonna go and bun GTA IV"
"GTFO n00b i'm in the middle of a bun"
by BeerBandit May 17, 2008
Somebody who can't keep their legs shut
You know that Gemma, she's a right bun. She's had 68473849752 lads in the last 3 days...
by kike_love February 02, 2006
A n00b or newbie, with negative implications. The word came from "nub" (newb), which was flipped backwards by one known as Zerg0nator in a game of StarCraft.

See Also: Bun'd, Bunned
You were bunned, bun!
by The Computer Mutt March 26, 2005
Someone who is foolish.

Also: Bun'd
I pwned you j00 bun!
by Lt. Ripper March 24, 2005
As in booty. Worthless. Sorry. Negative. i.e. The party is buns!
by Angie Jay July 11, 2003

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