1. An exclamation similar to wowzer or oh yeah most commonly used to express surprise or excitement.

2. An expression used to mean that a person has an attractive butt.
Hot buns! That was some scalding hot cocoa!


Oh hot buns! The game's about to start!


Mmm...that girl has some hot buns!
by beansandcheese February 27, 2011
When a male or female has their butt on the hood of the car on a hot summer day or after the engine of the car has warmed up the hood. In most cases a male will put a girl on the hood of the car and have sex or just kiss.
Last night I put this girl on my hood of my car and had sex, she complained afterwards about her butt being hot from the engine heat, she had hot buns you could say.
by Frank Mancuso November 05, 2009

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