V. To have sexual intercourse. Originated in Philly by Matt.
Yo Turtle, Did you bun last night?

Bun all day and night.

by WVU Lincoln Hall April 16, 2009
Some One That Is Ugly
Not Attractive
Genna: Dya Like Tina
Zac: Nah She Is Bun Man
by LilLou January 11, 2009
bun comes from london street slang used for the word 'forget'.
Tom, do u wanna go chicken shop. Naa man bun dat.
by VinuDesi March 20, 2005
A bun is also known as £1
Person 1: "Pub tonight, pints are a bun."
Person 2: "Yeah, im down, got ten bun"
by Bunner! November 05, 2009
Rhymes with good, should, could, would, etc.

A proverbial porridge-like meal of unknown ingredients served in a bowl, which is said to be eaten when someone is going through difficulty or is in the process of being owned. Can also be used as an insult, an expletive or a verb, meaning to suffer, stop, cancel or deny.
Eat the bün, bitch.
Bün the heater, it's too hot in here.
I just ate this steaming bowl of bün...
by David G Cox June 17, 2008
(verb) The attempt of “hooking up” with a member of the opposite sex purely for short-lived sexual gain.
He tried to bun but was unsuccessful; she was not interested.
by fauxsho April 12, 2006
A cute person (whether it be a male or a female).
Someone that you would make your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Yea, he's/she's a bun.
Oh yea, they got some buns up there!
by Chelley January 13, 2006

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