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meaning to sleep with or have sex with. Originated in New York City (Bronx) when buns no longer meant "punk-like, but replaces the word ass.
She called her baby-daddy for some buns, she wasn't tryin' to get back wit him.
by Keebler May 19, 2004
Slang term for a 26-ounce bottle of hard liquor.
Hey Keebz, where's the other twix of Bacardi?
by Keebler May 09, 2004
A full 12" beyond the current situation.

Originally heard in March 1997 on Loveline (Adam Corolla). Unknown meaning at time. Have since elaborated on the definition with help from Dominion members: The Destructor, The Angel, Your Lord and Master, The Instigator and me: Keebler, The Woodland Creature.
To say something is coffee can size, is recockulous.

Example Physical
*Thats recockulous!I won't jump off that, there's water below*
Example Justifiable
*Omg thats recockulous, don't put that in me!*
Example Mental
*Thats recockulous, I desesrve more.*
by Keebler October 24, 2004
Where you stay, not where you live.
"Yo dawg, where you be livin at?
Man, Me and my baby momma stay over at Compton place."
by Keebler November 26, 2004
Pretty Fat Friend~ the friend of the hot chick that every man has to deal with to get to the girl they want.
Or the not quite hot chick that all super skinny 'I'm fat' girls hang out with to boost their self-esteem.
See definition=You know you know a girl who has at least one pff around her at all times.
by Keebler June 09, 2005
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