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A female guido; characteristic for having an absurdely long Italian name, breast implants, and tight clothing. Prominent in New Jersey.
Marvin will do anything to hook up with a guidette.
by Princess August 27, 2003
A member of the blue collar comedy group. Also known as "Tater Salad". Famous for appearing onstage with whiskey and cigarette. "Drunk in Public"
Ron White is fucking awesome!!
by Princess December 15, 2004
Arabs from countries surrounding the Persian Gulf. They are rich and like to spend lots of money. They are also players.
Doctor Khaliji & Khaliji Ass
by Princess November 26, 2004
The son of Victoria Gotti... John Gotti Agnello is so sexy. He's named after his late grandfather John Gotti.
John Gotti Agnello is lookin good
by Princess December 20, 2004
The best country singer!! Loves to sing about vacationing on the beach and getting away.
Kenny Chesney is fucking HOT!!!
by Princess December 15, 2004
Term used in New Jersey to describe one's location in relation to the Garden State Parkway. Equivalent to asking "where?"
When we told Alyssa we were getting a house down the shore, she responded with "what exit?"
by Princess August 27, 2003
a word use to describe a beautiful thing.
The sunset was very mystie.
by Princess May 01, 2004
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