Ace card in poker.
I had a bullet in the hole.
by Coell May 12, 2005
Name for rock-hard nipples. Only attainable if girl is completely turned on.
"How did it go with Claire last night?"
"Brilliant, her nipples were bullets."
by The Strut October 12, 2004
A black person with a mullet.
"Hey man, did you see that Carl Weathers is in the new Vin Diesal movie?"

"Yeah dude, you know he just reinvented his image?"


"Yeah man, he's sportin' a bullet now."
by Cole Hill April 26, 2007
In the car business, a customer who has excellent credit.
salesman: "Do we have a shot here on this deal?"
manager: "Just as I thought, she's bullets baby! She could buy anything on the lot."
salesman: "Sweet."
by JHop March 07, 2008
An ebonic term for a small penis. This word is usually used as in insult by an insecure teenager, even without prior evidence that the insulted has a small penis.
Insulter: Man, you got bullet!
Several comebacks, all rather effective: "At least I have proper grammer","And you're gonna have a black eye for trying to be gay and peek in my pants", and my favorite,"That's right. In fact, I have several bullets in this here gun." (Note, you might need to be holding a gun for the last comeback to apply)
by Paultheman June 30, 2005
A ball-mullet or mullet for the balls. To achieve a bullet one must trim the pubic mound while letting the hair on their balls grow to full length. When you are showing your bullet off to friends and females you must rock out to ZZ top, sharp dressed man.
Guy 1: Dude, Greg has been pulling some hot ass tail lately, what is his secret?

Guy 2: Haven't you heard? Greg is sporting a mean bullet now, brings the bitches runnin.

Guy 1: Damn dude maybe I'll start rocking the bullet too.
by colorcountrykid June 06, 2010
when you are extremely high. the highest you can get. when you feel like your a bullet speeding through time in slow motion.

i thank it started in Cashville.
"I'm to bullet bruh"
"He had some straight killa, dat shit had us too bullet."
by The Darkside Batman July 27, 2009
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