one of the sickest fucking rides around
lipinski rolled up in his mutha fucking buick full with dope hoes
by oakville thugz May 01, 2005
Till recently a brand of nice, well optioned, large cars. Now just an overpriced, Chevrolets. Fewer models are offered and people cannot name a single current models. The Regal, Lesabre and Park Avenue were huge sellers so management decided to scrap them for the LaCrosse, Enclave(suv crossover)and Lucerne. Only reason I know what they are is cause I checked their website. Now you never see these new Buicks.

GMs usual mistake is hiring excutives that only look at the bottom line instead of what the consumer wants, what the consumer wants it to be call and what the consumer will pay for it. The bottom line would fix itself with sales and increased production.
Because GM, like most American companies are run by dumbshits it is likely that Buick and Pontiac will cease production in the next few years following the fate of Oldsmobile.

I remember not long ago when my brother bought a Regal for less than 20k. Now this Buick LaCrosse rubbish cost 28,700!

Even Tiger Woods cannot trick someone into paying 10 grand too much for a Buick.

Harley Earl is spinning in his grave watching these idiots ruining Buick and killing Oldsmobile.
by Harley Earl March 18, 2008
Understated elegance coupled with refined road manners and ride. Philosophically, if Saturn is the car of stoics, Buick would be the Epicurean brand, in the tradition of Petronius, the Arbiter of Elegance. Used by Harley Earl as the platform for many of his experimental creations, the brand had taken a grandfatherly aura prior to the arrival of Bob Lutz at GM, and now is poised to regain some of the style that originally characterized the marquee.
The Buick Park Avenue gives me everything Cadillac does, for $10,000 less.
by Xygabenos June 23, 2005
decent car company that gets a rep 4 old people only liking it cause of the lesabre. however, that is the only old persons car they make. im driving a 96 buick and im 16 lol. and my parents each have newer 1s (01 and 04)
well, the buick lesabre is mostly driven by old ppl, but my dad goes real fuckin fast in his. and i love my old riviera
by Black_Buick August 10, 2004
The ultimate sleeper,an old school buick is basically a chevy so they can handle mor than ricers.the 96 buick roadmaster is the same as a 96 impala and can hold a 427 gm crate motor and know one wood expect to lose to a buick.
damn that gnx buick has a deep meaning dude.
by Mac Money August 03, 2005
a beast of a car yeah it looks like a luxury car but when you pass cops at 110 in a 55 who cares
just for reference i got a '90 buick regal limited
by regal driver December 16, 2008
Buick, also know as B.U.I.C.K. (Big Ugly Import Car Killer) is a fine luxury automobile that has a reputation for crushing or mutilating any vehicle that comes in its path, due to its heavy constuction of thick sheet metal and heavy metal parts.

Often driven by old people who can't see over the steering wheel.
(1) While washing my buick this morning itook extra time to clean out the bugs and small import vehicles that that get stuck in my grill.

(2) Wow! your honda is trashed, what did you hit, a Buick?

(3) I keep a Smart Car in the trunk of my Buick, It's good as a spare in-case we ever brake down.

(4) I'm so hungover it feels like i got hit by a Buick
by All,Asians,Have,Tiny,weeners March 04, 2010

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