to throw up (vomit). yes, blowing chunks can sound like the word "Buick" if you listen.
One smell of her gunch and you'll buick up dinner and drinks all at once.
by Kuahmel January 23, 2009
The subject of conversation when talking to Ralph on the big white telephone, usually after having consumed beer, scotch, and wine the same evening.
Joe came out of the bathroom white as a ghost and sweating his ass off. He had been talking to Ralph about a Buick on the big white telephone.
by Woody Thomas January 26, 2006
adequate, but not great
Person 1: How's lunch today in the cafeteria?
Person 2: ehh, it's buick.
by CTK 88 April 14, 2011
Another term for throwing up because something is so hideous looking.
The fat-chick in the belly shirt made me Buick all over the bar.
by DP1983 May 26, 2009
v. to shart. To fart in such a juicy manner as to bring excrement content into question.

n. A shart. An especially juicy fart.
"Dude, that was a fucking, Buick." - Matt Damon
"Whoa... Buick." - Kianu Reeves
"Total Fucking Buick" - Arnold Schwarzenegger
"That was the nastiest Buick, I have ever experienced." - Conan O'Brien
"You are going to need a change, after that Buick." - Oprah
"Buick." - Dr. Dre
by $100 February 03, 2010
B better
U understand
I it
C can't
K krank
buick the car company
by manaen July 21, 2008
Formerly a revered marque that has been continuously ruined by General Motors for over 90 years, mostly through badge engineering, marketing neglect, and a complete lack of imagination. Will never escape the stigma of being an old fart's transportation around a stagnating Florida retirement community. Its decline escalated during the 80s as the General tried to make it look like a European brand (?!?) through hare-brained marketing exercises that ultimately served to remove any remaining shred of credibility the brand possessed. Now shares platforms with virtually every mid-size and large vehicle in the GM lineup, and has been reduced to swapping badges with desirable premium SUVs like the Pontiac Asstek.
Tiger Woods sponsorship a bizarre way to attract young(er) buyers who were not even aware of Buick's continued existance. Latest sedan takes name from French Canadians' euphemism for masturbation. In 20 years will go the way of Oldsmobile, around the same time as GM managed Saab will cease to exist as a brand, made redundant by Cadillac's growing share of the market.
So why exactly does GM have two luxury nameplates for the North American market, Buick and Cadillac?
by Hans Blix August 28, 2005

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