A big hunking sonofabitch that gets about four miles to the gallon. Your mom and dad were likely conceived on the back seat of a Buick at a drive-in movie. Double cousins with a Oldsmobile, the Buick is the ride of choice of "Hoss" a gentleman who makes a tidy living bashing his Buick lengthwise through a variety of trailers, each of which he claims belongs to Tanya Hardings. He usually busts off a concussion granade when he hits the trailer, but in a way, that's poetic license. Think about it, fucker.
Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick? FUCK NO!!!!
by Hoze April 24, 2004
A feeble old lady. Named for the oversized (and proportionally underpowered) cars they invariably drive.
The supermarket bagger got annoyed at the fact that all his today were Buicks, all of them asking him to unload their shopping filled with kitty litter and tapioca pudding into their Cutlass Supremes.
by Loogaroo November 16, 2005
GM car made for imbeciles that still think it is 1950 and domestic cars are still quality machines. Will fall appart as soon as the warantee is over. Newer models loved by retirees who have lost many brain cells as the years went by.

Older models loved by gansta crowd that likes to break the seats and put sound systems with deep bass to drive around with in a reclined position. The irony is that the sound system usually costs more than the whole car in many cases.
My first car was a total POS Buick Regal coupe.
by TruthandLIES January 21, 2005
an ugly old fart car
whoever designs buicks should get kicked in the ass
by lunar shadows August 21, 2004
Piece of crap, garbage, useless, worthless. Derived from a horrible American built car, only driven by blue hairs and ignorant ass crackers and mullets who think they are cool.
Dude, that new album by Metallica is Buick!
by Fez Monkey July 20, 2005
Yet another poorly manufactured North American marque. Ugly as hell. Steering like a stagecoach pulled by a rhino.
teh suck.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004

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