The sound that you make when throwing your guts up.
buick,buick,... buuuick,buuuuuick,...
buick. ahh.
by pj January 10, 2005
Car you always find yourself behind on the highway in the USA while trying to do the usual 5-10 over at least so you dont get rear ended in the left lane but granny is doing 10 under the speed limit in her Buick Ultra.
Dang.... everyone's zipping past us in the right lane cuz we're stuck behind the blue hair in the Buick Ultra.
by lbritish April 30, 2004
For those who can't afford a Lexus or Cadillac...
Check out my LeSabre!
by J September 28, 2004
The cadillac of middle-class suburbanites.
by sexie chocolate November 13, 2004
a broke mans cadillac
we rollin, aight, we takin yo ca, nah ninja we takin the buick
by knuck knuck September 15, 2003
piece of crap car driven my gangstas, wannabe gangstas, wiggers and the like. usually driven with arms stretched from sleeping posistion from near rear seat, also an acronym..Blacks United In Caucasian Killing. usually seen equipped with polished rims the size of tractor tires sometimes with retarded spinners. driver 95% likely in posession of marijuana
some nigga in a BUICK just hit and ran my ride
by Ddoug November 05, 2006
(n.) Willfully stupid and/or ignorant person.
"Why else would he vote for Bush? Cuz he's a Buick, that's why."
by King Mob October 18, 2004

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