A cross breed between a Boston Terrior and a Pug
Bug don't pee on the carpet!
by christayina April 20, 2008
1.Used to describe an ugly person.
2.Used to describe a very dumb person/thing.
3.Also used to ask a question in an online game, such as Gears of War.
1.God dang! Bobby's mom sure is one ugly bug!
2.God dang! Whoever said 2+2=5 is a bug!
3.Aye man! You a bug?!
by ernie watson November 27, 2007
A cross between two purbred breeds of dog: The Pug and the Boston Terrier. Many people trying to sell these dogs will tell you they've been crossed to prevent breathing problems, but ask yourself: Why cross two breeds that BOTH have smooshed faces to prevent breathing problems? Hmm.
"My sister just bought a Bug puppy and it's the ugliest dog I've ever seen."
by K9Trianer5 January 22, 2007
A term of indearment
Awww, Zac is such a little love bug.
by Ashley August 24, 2004
term of endearment, like "my little sod". If said wrong you are seen to be a nobba.
"Sav's my little bug!!"
by Natalie September 10, 2003
Bug is what i call the creepy brown guy who stares at me in math.
It can be applied to any creepy guy but generally it is a creepy BROWN guy.. with a mustache- (NOT A COOL TWISTY FRENCH ONE)
-Bug just picked his nose
-Bug is winking his unibrow at me
-A creepy brown guy is stalking you? oh you mean a bug.
by ilove(BAH) November 19, 2010
Bisexual Until Graduation.
Molly: I think I might be bisexual.
Leah: Molly, you're not attracted to women.
Molly: But bisexuality is so much edgier! I mean, I could still marry a man after college.

Leah: You're such a BUG!
by BUG4LIFE October 08, 2009

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