Bisexual Until Graduation.
Molly: I think I might be bisexual.
Leah: Molly, you're not attracted to women.
Molly: But bisexuality is so much edgier! I mean, I could still marry a man after college.

Leah: You're such a BUG!
by BUG4LIFE October 08, 2009
1) Shit.

2) With "the", THE shit. As in, cool.
Soniya: Look at my pot!

Kelley: That's the bug, man!

Elise: My day sucks.

Kelley: My day has been pretty buggy too.

Elise: Sugh.
by Ke'Elso March 22, 2009
A stupid game that two people play where they put their heads together and turn their heads while looking into one another's eyes.
"Liz and Bob--stop playing bug!"-- "We aren't playing bug-- we're playing bug extreme!"
by Val and Ian July 01, 2004
One of the worst and most confusing fucking movies i have ever watched. The story line is barely coherent and makes almost no sense. So here is roughly the plot line a single woman is living with a friend that is a lesbian. They meet this one guy at a party and the main character fucks him. Then after that the guy says that a bug has bitten him and says it looks like a aphid (even though you can't see a goddamn thing). Eventually the guy starts losing his shit and the girl joins in on this stupid ass shit. They get so fucking paranoid they line the whole entire room they are in with tin foil. Then some "doctor" says that he knows where the woman's missing son is and tries to convince that he can cure them. That is when the guy stabs the doctor and goes on a long ass rant that makes absolutely no fucking since talking about how Tim McVey and the doctor are actually a robot. So the man and women douse themselves in gasoline and light themselves on fire. And to make matters worse there is no good boob scenes.
person 1: Hey wanna see Bug.

person 2: Fuck no.
by JimmyWilson May 18, 2009
1.Used to describe an ugly person.
2.Used to describe a very dumb person/thing.
3.Also used to ask a question in an online game, such as Gears of War.
1.God dang! Bobby's mom sure is one ugly bug!
2.God dang! Whoever said 2+2=5 is a bug!
3.Aye mang! You a bug?!
by Ernie Watson December 29, 2007
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