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An very annoying person
That guy is a bug; he never knows when to shut up.
by Seymor Heines February 18, 2008
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Bad propaganda
Did you ever see films of starving "Jews" being dumped into "mass graves" in history class?
Some people claimed to have been in the Military, and some couldn't distinguish media from reality.Some people thought they were "Psychic" about things they really weren't "psychic" about.
by realbadhair December 31, 2006
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To have a sudden interest or craving for something.
1. I really have a bug for New York Cherry ice cream.
2. I have a bug to find out what color underwear she is wearing right now . . . .Oops, she's not wearing any.
by MikD October 19, 2005
14 14
Used in Maine, specifically "down east" to refer to a Lobster.
Oh yeah Jimmy, we went out on my boat and caught us some bugs.
by vengo September 19, 2003
16 16
adj. used to describe an event that was the shit or tops. When something that goes down will not-soon be outdone.
You hear Phelps got his 8th gold? bug, amiright?!?!
by RobVDub August 23, 2008
6 7
1.Used to describe an ugly person.
2.Used to describe a very dumb person/thing.
3.Also used to ask a question in an online game, such as Gears of War.
1.God dang! Bobby's mom sure is one ugly bug!
2.God dang! Whoever said 2+2=5 is a bug!
3.Aye man! You a bug?!
by ernie watson November 27, 2007
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A cross between two purbred breeds of dog: The Pug and the Boston Terrier. Many people trying to sell these dogs will tell you they've been crossed to prevent breathing problems, but ask yourself: Why cross two breeds that BOTH have smooshed faces to prevent breathing problems? Hmm.
"My sister just bought a Bug puppy and it's the ugliest dog I've ever seen."
by K9Trianer5 January 22, 2007
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