An idiom, or slang, for Vagina.
"Hows your bug?" "A little wet.
by Dokk August 25, 2010

Bad propaganda
Did you ever see films of starving "Jews" being dumped into "mass graves" in history class?
Some people claimed to have been in the Military, and some couldn't distinguish media from reality.Some people thought they were "Psychic" about things they really weren't "psychic" about.
by realbadhair December 31, 2006
literally means "Back Up Girl"
She's just a BUG, you can swat and brush her away but when you get lonely she's always conveniently crawling around the neighborhood.
by Philip Kim September 25, 2006
Used in Maine, specifically "down east" to refer to a Lobster.
Oh yeah Jimmy, we went out on my boat and caught us some bugs.
by vengo September 19, 2003
Derogatory reference to a member of the "Bloods" gang...usually used by the rival "Crips" gang. Used because "bug" sounds a bit like "Bloods".
"Damn bugs did a drive-by and shot Lonzo last night."
by bangerchick October 07, 2012
Acronym for "before u go"
Can you do me a favor bug?
by II VeZ II April 30, 2009
adj. used to describe an event that was the shit or tops. When something that goes down will not-soon be outdone.
You hear Phelps got his 8th gold? bug, amiright?!?!
by RobVDub August 23, 2008

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