An idiom, or slang, for Vagina.
"Hows your bug?" "A little wet.
by Dokk August 25, 2010
An very annoying person
That guy is a bug; he never knows when to shut up.
by Seymor Heines February 18, 2008
A boring person who doesn't have any fun.
"Why isn't Erin dancing? She's such a Bug."
by FunPerson2014 April 24, 2014
Boy - please can I bug you
Girl - Ok this sounds like fun
by Bug me February 12, 2014
Staples on a document. Often the cause of jams when inserted into a scanner.
I hate when I see lots of bugs on my scanning work. I waste a lot of time with the staple remover, and it's cutting into my productivity!
by pentozali March 07, 2013
B.U.G. stands for Butt Ugly Girl. A female who is so unattractive that referencing the most unattractive part of the anatomy is required in describing her.
Every time Achal goes out drinking, he wakes up next to a B.U.G. the next morning. The guy has the worst case of beer goggles I have ever seen.
by fixed.law July 11, 2011

Bad propaganda
Did you ever see films of starving "Jews" being dumped into "mass graves" in history class?
Some people claimed to have been in the Military, and some couldn't distinguish media from reality.Some people thought they were "Psychic" about things they really weren't "psychic" about.
by realbadhair December 31, 2006

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