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An excessive amount of white women in a given area
The Lexington, KY Mall has a buffet of woman to choose from.
by The A.C. July 06, 2010
A place where obese people lurk all around wobbling for food. However, if you're normal, you'd probably only go here for a special occasion.
Person 1: Yuck! I can't eat this! There are too many obese people around!
Person 2: Yeah, they live on buffets you know?
by Blue Kirby July 24, 2008
a synonym for the word money, referring to Warren Buffett the 62 billion dollar powerhouse.
"Nah, I can't go to the club with yall tonight. I gotta go try to make this buffett so I can feed my kids man"
by cdc36 March 10, 2008
A slang term in which Buttface is slurred and ends up sounding like Buffet
Person 1: (farts)
Person 2: Get out of my house you buffet!
by Slick Hu$tla January 09, 2009
heaven for fat people and john candy's glory
the buffet was wiped out by john candy
by baka_kuso_yarou December 10, 2004
to withdraw completely then penetrate her in one thrust, repeat.
i buffeted to my satiety in that juicy pum-pum o'hers, yesterday.
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
A person who is not as attractive as a buff thing, but is still fuckable i.e may be shorter, fatter etc.
by Treatz June 06, 2003