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A word used to describe someone who exerts a large amount of power, typically in football, and who can trounce the opposition with both ease and (occasionally) grace.
Van Bommel is a complete powerhouse, watch him volley-thump the ball into the back of the net.
by jjjdizzle June 01, 2007
a drink made of 1/4 orange juice, 1/4 vodka, 1/4 anabolic steroids, and 1/4 viagra, drinking this makes you ready for anything and i mean ANYTHING!!!
Yooo man i drank a powerhouse this morning so i'm totally gonna beast it during volleyball.
by Kaiser Jake February 10, 2009
in a typical adventuring team the hidden fire power of the group, typically frail looking but dangerous
power house: run, I'll handle them...
by Spaz De Kat December 08, 2009
When one person, usually a girl, but not always, thrusts their pelvis forward and moves their arms the opposite way. This movement is usually ment in a sexual sort of way.
Madison was feeling like a slut so she powerhoused Nick.
by Megggster May 01, 2009
another name for the liquor store
I have to stop by the power house before the party...
by jaakola May 27, 2010
A woman who is extremely sexually attractive.
More correctly used in reference to powerfully built women.
See: brick house, built like a brick shithouse
That girl just bowled me over, man. She's fuckin really hot. Fuck. She's a powerhouse.
by Ryan Dawson October 18, 2005
some one who destroys cunts on lan.
skz is such a fucken power house aye
by power house April 04, 2003

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