Attractive, glamorous or generally pleasing.
I went down the super market, the attendent was buff.
by Gathe November 27, 2002
Bonafide Ugly Fat Friend
Every hot chick seems to have one, either to make themselves look hotter, or out of sympathy for the said fat friend.
Eugene: What the hell is that thing walking next to Lisa?
Wilbert: That's Lisa's buff.
Eugene: Eww, it's hideous.
Wilbert: You said it Eugene.
by texmexmaster November 01, 2011
A member of the volunteer public service (EMS, Fire, etc.) who is overly committed to their role, as in one who buys too many emergency lights or owns his/her own personal gear.
"Your car has lights sirens and a booster line? You are such a buff!"
by KC2IHB October 03, 2005
a muffless muff
A Brazilian waxjob made her muff a buff.
by Moby Doug April 07, 2009
The word buff is the alpha word for someone male or female who possesses good looks.

This word can also be applied on the way the person dresses or carries themselves.

This word is originated from UK therefor is mostly used in the UK.
"God damn that girl is buff"
"He is too buff for days man"
"He clapped but his jays be buff doe"
by neoxoxi July 15, 2014
Big Ugly Fat Fuck. The affectionate nickname pilots gave to the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. Derived from its sheer size (159 feet long, 185 foot wingspan), and the fact that it is ungainly in appearance on the ramp, due to it's 8 engines and bicycle landing gear.
The B-52 "BUFF" is shown many times in the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and flew the world's longest combat sortie in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm, launching AGM-86 cruise missiles against high priority Iraqi targets.
by Kiwi90 February 05, 2007
when someone is hot, fit, generally good looking.
DAMN, devon is buff!!!
by SeanLovesDevon April 15, 2006

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