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Used in an argument when someone has made a good point and the other person doesn't know what to say.
Used before a sentence when someone is not sure what to say. Usually repeated by another person.
Used by teenage girls and gay men in the middle of a sentence to emphasize a the point. See like
Used by someone in a conversation if it doesn't matter.
Used by someone in a conversation if they don't care.
Man 1: But you're a dick!
Man 2: So?
Girl: Wanna go to the cinema?
Gay: That is like so good.
Man: But it's raining outside!
Girl: So?
Man: I have a big willy.
Girl: So?
by Hawke September 11, 2005
Habbo hotel. A giant orange building where there are many rooms with many many 'themes'. You are a 'habbo'. a badly animated pixel bloke/lass who has a p (password) has hackers call it because the word password is banned as are many other words such as pizza and rude words all replaced with bobba. You can control by clicking on where you want to go in a room (where you feel cramped cuz it's overcrowded and lonely cuz you have no furni or people cuz you have no credits cuz your a loser ((or normal person who doesn't waste money on habbo)). Habbo has very VERY strict rules because everyone tries to corrupt the system so the hobbas try to kick everyone. Hobbas are whiny teenage losers who finally get a bit of power when they lie that they are 18 on the internet and become a hobba. They ban you for almost anything and are rather gay. Habbo sucks you in by offering fake virtual furni for real genuine money. If you are hacked or kicked you don't even get a refund. If on habbo hotel for at least a day you will most certainly meet wannabee: hackers, hookers and paedophiles and people who want to cyber (All rulebreakers). Who never seem to get kicked yet YOU do! Habbo SUCKS.
Kids! Don't let HABBO HOTEL suck you in with it's mind washing powers!
Habbo1: Gimme your p and I give you furni!
Habbo2: Here! ****
Habbo1: I have you now! >:D
Habbo2: Nooo! :'(
by Hawke July 26, 2005
Metallica, simply, are the best band that this planet has ever produced.
by Hawke November 05, 2005
A kid who only ever talks about Xbox. Goddamnit all they ever talk about is Xbox Live and Halo cuz it's all they've got and Halo isn't even that great!
Damn that xbox fanboy was chatting so much shit about playing Xbox Live and Halo I had to tell him how hairy is mum is.
by Hawke September 10, 2005
Bad place enriched by drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes and gangs. Some of the best rappers of all time have arisen out of this mess.

See the ghetto
We be dem gangstas, this be CPT (compton) and u talkin' bout dem gangstas, thats right, when we go drivin' by, u be seein' us gangstas...
by Hawke July 03, 2006
When you kiss a guy or girl who smokes and it tastes of cigarette ash. Not pleasent.
Yo I thought she was buff until I was kissing the ashtray. Now I have barfed 4 times!
by Hawke February 19, 2006
A typo. It should read "common sense".
It's your Burger King, have it your way!

a = a

Gee, I'm a tree!
by Hawke September 12, 2004

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