BUFF originally refers to the B-52 Stratofortress long-range strategic bomber. The enormous aircraft was extensively used for carpet bombing missions in Vietnam and as a first-strike or retaliatory strike nuclear weapon delivery vehicle during the cold war. The crews rarely referred to the aircraft with its real name, instead they used the acronym BUFF, for Big Ugly Fat Fucker.
The fuckers shot down two of our BUFFs last night during a carpet-bombing run. We need better flight planning!
by BigUglyFatFucker August 14, 2007
In the nude or without cloths
He's in the buff
by Andrew July 02, 2003
To Remove graffiti or any kind of paintings or advertisments.
they buffed over my mural!!

Damn I just put those Fliers up... Yeah they were buffd.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
buffalo cartier glasses
that Nigga lookin cold wit thoes buffs on
by Dat Nigga P.D. November 17, 2011
1.Having large muscle mass, and low body-fat percentage. A Usually very well defined physique.

2.Also used to say something is good looking. This cna be a person, item, or an item of apparrel that causes the user to look more attractive.

3.Oral Sex

4.Vast repetition of strokin or spinning with a buffer.
1. I saw this guy at the gym today, and MAN was he buff

2. That shirt makes you look buff.

3.I heard that girl can buff real well

4. To shine the car, Jake used a buffer
by Bartsoe June 12, 2006
Opposite of nerf.

For example making something in a computer game stronger.
Undead are too weak! Please buff them!
by LastDay September 11, 2004
To remove graffiti thoroughly
Those fucking cops buffed my piece!
by insaneblaine November 30, 2005

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