Big. Ugly. Fat. Fellow.

It is a term used by the USA military given to planes no longer in commission. These planes are used for scrape, going to be scraped,
being parted out, or in the process of being parted out.
Military Officer: Look at that buff, there is nothing left in the plane.
Recruit: Better take it to the scrape yard.
by Hair Cow Pie September 14, 2013
Sorta like the term D.U.F.F, meaning designated ugly fat friend, the word B.U.F.F means, black ugly fat friend.
Girl 1: Hey do you want to hang out later?
Girl 2: Yeah! Make sure you call Lisa, shes our B.U.F.F.
Girl 1: Oh, good call, I will see you girls later.
by Steet August 21, 2009
a cop that loves his job a bit too much.
sgt - aren't you supposed to be on meal?
cop - i was going, but this guy had excessively loud music coming from his car, so i threw out my whopper to write him a summons.
sgt - ...you fucking loser, stop being such a damn buff before people flip your locker.
by flipyoutoo February 15, 2008
big ugly fat friend. Every group of friends usually has one.
"Why does Sally hang out with them?"
"I don't know man, she's such a B.U.F.F.
by bma1 October 05, 2007
Big Ugly Fat Fuck. The affectionate nickname pilots gave to the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. Derived from its sheer size (159 feet long, 185 foot wingspan), and the fact that it is ungainly in appearance on the ramp, due to it's 8 engines and bicycle landing gear.
The B-52 "BUFF" is shown many times in the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and flew the world's longest combat sortie in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm, launching AGM-86 cruise missiles against high priority Iraqi targets.
by Kiwi90 February 05, 2007
to suck dick; give head
Yo, she buffed me yesterday in the stairwell.
by quantyn January 24, 2007
Big ugly fat friend. Usually refers to a freind that makes you look a whole lot better in social situations.
I,m gonna go to the bar this weekend and bring my B.U.F.F. Jeff.
by Denny D. Bat April 13, 2006
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