big ugly fat fuck.
from now on, scott will be referred to as BUFF.
by bumbleclot February 04, 2009
To remove graffiti thoroughly
Those fucking cops buffed my piece!
by insaneblaine November 30, 2005
a sound that a shih tzu makes instead of barking
Holly made a "buff" sound as we drove past the horses.
by arelleb130 August 06, 2010
Big Ugly Fat Fuck. The affectionate nickname pilots gave to the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress. Derived from its sheer size (159 feet long, 185 foot wingspan), and the fact that it is ungainly in appearance on the ramp, due to it's 8 engines and bicycle landing gear.
The B-52 "BUFF" is shown many times in the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, and flew the world's longest combat sortie in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm, launching AGM-86 cruise missiles against high priority Iraqi targets.
by Kiwi90 January 28, 2007
To perform oral sex on a male.
She buffed ray ray yesterday in the kitchen.
by Retta May 10, 2005
A person that has big/huge muscles and good looks
Sagi Kelev is so big I wish I were that buff
by Bodybuilder4ever February 11, 2008
It is another word fof beautiful or pretty.
"wow that girl is Buff"
by RichardH Johnston May 14, 2007

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