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Muscly or fit. When you've been working out and got well defined muscles you're looking buff.
Somebody: "Did you see The Who at Live Aid?"

Somebody else: "Yeah, Daltrey was looking quite buff!"
by Makeety Makondo July 23, 2006
to dance or grind on a guy (or girl) at a party. you bend over and grind into a guy standing behind you at a party.
"girlll, i went to that party last night and i was buffin like theres no tomorrow!"

"son, i got so many buffs that night.. they should call me the buff king!!"

"taquisha did you see that white girl BUFFIN at yolanda party last night??".."yeah girl i seen it too!"
by buffqueenofthe561! October 10, 2009
A term used to describe someone who is big and muscular, regardless of any supplements or steroids that may have been taken.
Will Lee is so buff that he looks like he is on something.
by The Queer Monkey May 29, 2009
A slang term for marijuana, coming from the original slang buffalo, which refers to the Native American custom to save all parts of the buffalo.
"Yo, dude, pass the buff."

"Hey, dude, pick all of that weed up! You can't waste the buff like that!"
by chocolatemonster April 24, 2009
Some ting or some one that is good looking
e.g That girl is nuff buff.
e.g Dem crepz are buff
by Rudeness August 08, 2005
verb, to buff
to give head or give face, to dome
your mom buffed me last night
by GC Ender November 22, 2004
The act of giving oral sex.
"That biznatch buffed me off last night, and I gave her an Alaskan Fire Dragon."
by Reesey December 03, 2002
To ingest drugs through the butt.
I want some mahldawg but it burns my nose and upsets my stomach. Get me the turkey baster I'm going to buff it.
by nutsmadeofcoco September 12, 2010