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A verb meaning to sit backwards on a toilet while defecating. The term is a reference to a sitting technique used by A.C. Slater from "Saved by the Bell."

It has been suggested that the act of slatering might come into use when encountering public toilets in Europe, which often feature a shit shelf. Slatering the toilet would provide a more sanitary bathroom experience.
"dude, i totally just slatered that toilet. it was amazing because i could rest my reading material on the top of the tank."
by Christian Zombie September 21, 2007
An all in all good guy
Someone who will help ya out if you need it.

Slater so helped me ace that history test.
by Johny apples July 06, 2009
The major stoner guy in the movie "Dazed and Confused." He is seen throughout the movie as a teenager that is mostly high all the time.
Man: "Hey man lets go smoke with Slater, that stoner is fun to smoke with."

by FatFarhad December 09, 2007
An abbreviation of the term "see you later". Like the term "see you later," it is not always meant in the literal sense.
Person 1: Well, I have to go.
Person 2: Mmmkay, bye.
Person 1: S'later.
by FatallyYours January 05, 2006
a word for someone with a very large penis and or scrotum. he frequently uses these two to three times daily. can be interchanged with the words beast, baller and pimp.
dang dude, hes a total slater
by the informer no. 2 January 08, 2010
Based on the lovable, Hispanic singlet-wearing character from 'Saved By the Bell' AC Slater, this term is commonly used during the dead heat of summer to express to someone else that the air conditioning, or 'A.C.', needs to be turned up. Referring to air conditioning using this term rather than 'A.C.' not only gets the point across about the current conditions of your house or apartment, but it also reminds you that you need to do a couple of sets of dumbbell curls while wearing abnormally tight clothing.
'Bro, it's muggy in here, I'm getting some major swamp-assage. Turn up the slater!'

'Alright, Broseph. That reminds me, after I provide this area with the necessary amount of slater, I'm going to go do some reps in my room, wanna join?'

by nyjetsbocc May 12, 2009
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