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describes those situations when you juts can't understand why someone or something can't do or see the blindingly obvious.

word for the jaw droppingly stupid
why is it a fly can have 200 eyes and still not find its way out of a room?
by screech April 24, 2004
THE definitive ice breaker.
You're in the club, see that honey you been trying to find the courage to approach for weeks. Grab that ass, quote you some "Shazzam, bitch" and she's cookin up breakfast next morning.
by Screech February 28, 2004
A.C slater
saved by the bell
by screech March 02, 2004
npminard's only habit
Obsessive Masturbation is a sport
by screech March 04, 2005
Either I don't know or I don't want to answer your fucking question.
"Nephew, tell me about your girlfriend."

by Screech January 31, 2004
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