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(adj) Big Ugly Fat Fucker, originally used for the B-52 in Veitnam but it can be used for anything large and asthetically unpleasing.
Damn! Look at that fat bitch, she's buff.
by bigpapa1080 September 29, 2004
something one is forced to do to apper "cool" while driving a piece of shit car. this is performed to give the appearance that the car is:
a) rear whell drive
b) has enough power to get the rear end to slide out
frequently performed by ricers and other dumbasses who do not posses a car with real balls (to have a vehicle with "real balls" it must have at least a v-8)
yo, did u see that mad drift i just pulled in my faggot ass civic! That shit was tight!
by bigpapa1080 November 15, 2004

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