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a man who rides a lot, or F8ucks alot of women a lot of the time
i am the baddest jiggalo y'all will ever meet
by lolly November 23, 2004
cool, awesome, off the hook.
Yo! That shit is podany.

Chris asked me to prom
by Lolly December 01, 2003
a poo
look at sedgers the poo
by lolly July 11, 2003
um, it means money, fool
i'm gonna go out and make that paper baby x x x
by lolly November 23, 2004
means to be cheated on by your man or woman
why do you think i'm gonna be fuck8ng out on you, i love you baby x x x
by lolly November 23, 2004
definition is "bullsh*t", from birmingham
as in " you are talking bubbles "
by lolly November 23, 2004
Shortened version of fast food restraunt Abrakebabra
"Lets go to Abra and get a kebab"
by lolly March 29, 2005

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