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write letterz n' shit, yo!
no example is needed, dude
by Link January 17, 2005
A make of condom or shealth used to prevent the transition of semen from a man to a woman, man or animal.
"Yeah mate, I whacked on the ol' Trojan and did her in the batty"
by Link December 08, 2004
The squirrels' cohorts in world domination.
They're trying to take over the fuckin' world, I tell ya, I swear to God...
by Link January 23, 2005
Another word or for a vagina. 'Quivering' can be added in front of for good effect.
What a nice panty hamster
by Link December 08, 2004

"Yippy-ki-yay, motherfuckers!" *shoots AK*
by Link February 14, 2004
A person who takes a perfectly good car, and turns it into a ugly peice of shit on wheel by adding, uneccesary aftermarket parts ie huge spoilers, stupid body kits, NOS sticker

more associated with import owners
The fuckin civic is rice. What a ricer
by Link December 26, 2003
Another term for a mans penis, veiny bang stick, purple headed womb broom etc.
"Wow", said Enid "Barry's got a huge spam javlin"
by Link December 08, 2004

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