A pet name for that special someone who is incredibly amazing. Who just takes your breath away, and who you'd fall for again and again. That person who constantly makes you smile. That person you know who will always be there for you at the end of day and will accept you for you. That person who gives you the feeling of a million butterflies whenever you two are talking. That person who always has the right words to say at the right time. That person whom makes you feel like the luckiest girl/boy in the world.
I love my bubs.
My bubs is so sweet, like chocolate pie.
Boo and Bubs.
by asdfghjkl_____ November 06, 2013
Possibly the best (and only) dancer in Free Country, USA. He runs a concession stand will all kinds o' crazy crap. He was once accused of selling a Strong Sad voodoo doll, and wants to make the world's first catsup bomb. He is also good at fixin' stuff, like VCRs, automobiles, marriages...the list goes on. The victim of a hotfoot-beefoot caper recently lead by The Cheat.
Bubs: Is this the part where I tear off my shirt and start flexin', much to the delight of my lady friends?

Strong Bad: No, Bubs. That's never happened before.
by dpo September 02, 2003
Used by Bugs Bunny and other 40's people to mean mac or bud. Short for both bubba and bubke or bubbe with both Yiddish and Southern roots. My stepmother's dad called me this all throughout the 60's and 70's so I revived it in the 80's.
Hey, bub, what's the idea?
by John January 10, 2004
A buddy; a friend. Someone you talk to regularly, maybe even a co-worker.
Fuck bub, I don't know what to tell ya. -or- Whattya say there, bub?
by Todd August 15, 2003
A non-formally trained person who claims to be a successful professional writer.

Usually for the purpose of obtaining work and/or to manipulatively influence people around them.
<Person 1> Did you know that woman across the way is a real bub?

<Person 2> No I did not. Which woman are you talking about?

<Person 1> I am talking about that large blonde curly haired woman with the pet rat who boasts about her supposedly successful writing career yet can only has the writing skills of a high school sophomore!
by kraftbreakfast June 21, 2010
This is what you call the white kids in East Hampton, New York who wear John Deere hats and jackets that weigh a ton and feel like cardboard. They wear dirty landscaping boots, and never shave. They all smoke, which makes their bub jackets smell like smoke all the time. Bubs like to fish, hunt, and ride dirt bikes or quads in trails around East Hampton or Springs, which is part of East Hampton, and drive big dirty clunky Ford trucks. They are basically the white trash of East Hampton. Bubs usually live in Springs or Montauk.
"That's one bad bub"

Me:"Are you going to that party in Montauk tonight?"

Sebastian:"Na i heard it's a bub party"

Me:"Oh sucks"
by cultura10 January 21, 2009
1. Way to address guys you know without using their name.

According to various dictionaries, probably comes from the German or Yiddish word for boy. It's very informal. Be aware that nowadays in the US, it used just as often mock friendliness when you are being passive aggressive with someone as it is in actual cordial situations.

Also used as a term of endearment by some parents.

2. Elsewhere in the world, in the movie "Whale Rider", which takes place among the Maori tribe in New Zealand, all the kids, boy and girl, refer to each other as "bub" constantly, as do their relatives.

3. Additionally, it can mean "baby" in slang over there.
1. You better watch your step, bub.

2. Come on bub, you can do it.

3. I've been up with the bub since 2 AM, she won't stop crying.
by The Northern car April 13, 2011
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