BUB = Backed Up Balls
When you haven't had sex in a while and you're backed up.
Yo, Jason, you got BUB?
by BUBCreator May 26, 2016
"Bubs" is the name given to somebody who doesn't have the already existing name of Josh or Joshua
Person 1: hey dude who is that over there?
person 2: Well his name is Josh so he can't be a Bubs
by cat dog fish September 30, 2015
Used by Bahamians to refer to a large amount of money. Sometimes in ones, usually thrown at females to show how rich one is.
Buss yall with the bub, bub,
by chadreco February 09, 2013
Good looking, hot, gorgeous.

Used to describe someone/thing.
Check her out, shes bubs.
That's a well bub car mate.
by KanoC April 29, 2012
An individual who wears camo, construction boots, hunts, is conservative, republican, and overall trashy. Likes country music and is devout catholic or christian.
Bob: Yo did you see the camo jacket that kid was wearing?!
Fred: Hes such a bub!!!
by NYBC May 01, 2010
Big Ugly Bastard. Used often to insult slow-witted bullies.
You wanna fight, bub?!
by WildZontar January 19, 2010
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