Inventor of the ketchup bomb. Has all types of crazy crap at his concession stand.
No, I'm standing next to Bubs! you get to stand next to Strong Bad.
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
Used by Bahamians to refer to a large amount of money. Sometimes in ones, usually thrown at females to show how rich one is.
Buss yall with the bub, bub,
by chadreco February 09, 2013
Good looking, hot, gorgeous.

Used to describe someone/thing.
Check her out, shes bubs.
That's a well bub car mate.
by KanoC April 29, 2012
Big Ugly Bastard. Used often to insult slow-witted bullies.
You wanna fight, bub?!
by WildZontar January 19, 2010
Someone who can afford to pay for things but convieniently is always short or forgot his wallet.
Dude don't be a bubs, it's your turn to pay!!!
by Damnit Dave November 11, 2006
1) Friend, pal, buddy.

2) Alcohol, especially when it's not valuable enough to mention by name.
1) Hey bub, you just stepped in dog shit!

2) Yo, where's the bub? Imma get my drink on!
by tomazgeofferson September 15, 2012
A collective term used to describe both the butt and boobs of a woman.
Hey dude, check it out. She's got nice bub.

Yah dude, she has some big bub.

Nice bub.
by lem31 September 15, 2011

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