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An abbreviation used for a bubbler, which is a glass piece used to smoke marijuana or tobacco. The suffix "bubble" comes from when you hit the bubbler the smoke travels through water causing the water to bubble up and create a bubble sound.
"Dude are you trying to hit the bub?"
by The New Urban Definer June 23, 2010
16 15
Good looking, hot, gorgeous.

Used to describe someone/thing.
Check her out, shes bubs.
That's a well bub car mate.
by KanoC April 29, 2012
10 10
means Between Us Bois.

B.U.B. is a performance/drag troupe, dedicated to creating awareness for the Homosexual Community WHOLE SPECTRUM of gender. We perform spoken word, music covers, & of course anything drag.
B.U.B. made all the ladies go crazy when they performed N*SYNC's "Tearin' Up My Heart"!
by Bucky Star June 20, 2008
5 5
Inventor of the ketchup bomb. Has all types of crazy crap at his concession stand.
No, I'm standing next to Bubs! you get to stand next to Strong Bad.
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
28 28
1) Friend, pal, buddy.

2) Alcohol, especially when it's not valuable enough to mention by name.
1) Hey bub, you just stepped in dog shit!

2) Yo, where's the bub? Imma get my drink on!
by tomazgeofferson September 15, 2012
2 3
big ugly bitch
Hey man, look at that bub.
by lawlzcake January 22, 2011
2 3
Booze, wine or ale -- usually cheap and barely drinkable.
Don't go to that club's party, all they serve is cheap bub.
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010
3 4