A read neck who is constantly talking about their four-wheeler, dirt-bike , truck and but not limited to always wearing camo and or work boots .
B: Hey Bub didga eah I got my god damn four-wheelah stuck in the fuckin mud

A: No fuckin way bub didga try spinin the damn wheels as fast as they could go like fuckin BRAPPPPPP!
by Urban Pimp January 21, 2015
A guy who really really likes a girl.
"Dude I saw Johhny macking on Donna for like 2 hours!"
"Bro he's a bub."
"yeah ikr, really though"
by Rilily :) January 01, 2012
The act of having sexual intercourse with someone in the bum.
After long negotiations she agreed to let me bub her.
by probably not paul October 18, 2011
big ugly bitch
Hey man, look at that bub.
by lawlzcake January 22, 2011
An abbreviation used for a bubbler, which is a glass piece used to smoke marijuana or tobacco. The suffix "bubble" comes from when you hit the bubbler the smoke travels through water causing the water to bubble up and create a bubble sound.
"Dude are you trying to hit the bub?"
by The New Urban Definer June 23, 2010
An individual who wears camo, construction boots, hunts, is conservative, republican, and overall trashy. Likes country music and is devout catholic or christian.
Bob: Yo did you see the camo jacket that kid was wearing?!
Fred: Hes such a bub!!!
by NYBC May 01, 2010
Booze, wine or ale -- usually cheap and barely drinkable.
Don't go to that club's party, all they serve is cheap bub.
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010

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