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The type of slop that you shit the mornign after a night of drinking Budweiser.
I had the worst case of Bud Mud this morning.
by todd December 29, 2003
A Vacuum tube used to lengthen the male tally-wacker. Mostly used by men who have no penis. Most of them don't work. I should know.....
by todd January 16, 2003
hmmmmm...... I wonder if Bert swings both ways? i'll ask him WHEN I SEE THE USED!!!!!!!!!! ANUS
bert: very hot guy!
by Todd October 08, 2003
The reaction a female has to something exceedingly girly, such as a shoe sale, one of her friends getting engaged, watching America's Next Top Model
My girlfriend had such a girlgasm about the new shoe store, she dragged me in for two hours.
by Todd April 05, 2005
A "game" in which an object of clothing, usually a hat, is taken from a victim and then tossed around to prevent the victim from recovering the item. Identical to keep-away except that in this version at every toss one is expected to shout "saluchi". As far as I know this is a NYC thing only.
see definition.
by Todd November 27, 2003
To watch your friend having sex while eating a sandwich
I pounded this broad last night and my buddy pulled a nemeth and hid in the closet
by todd February 04, 2005
Dacus.- A word meaning cool, or credible. The definition of cool. Otherwise being defined as being number one or being better than a large group of people.
That guy is dacus, he gets all the attention.
Those clothes are dacus as hell.
by Todd October 09, 2004
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