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This is what you call the white kids in East Hampton, New York who wear John Deere hats and jackets that weigh a ton and feel like cardboard. They wear dirty landscaping boots, and never shave. They all smoke, which makes their bub jackets smell like smoke all the time. Bubs like to fish, hunt, and ride dirt bikes or quads in trails around East Hampton or Springs, which is part of East Hampton, and drive big dirty clunky Ford trucks. They are basically the white trash of East Hampton. Bubs usually live in Springs or Montauk.
"That's one bad bub"

Me:"Are you going to that party in Montauk tonight?"

Sebastian:"Na i heard it's a bub party"

Me:"Oh sucks"
by cultura10 January 21, 2009
86 75
a young friend..a chum...a buddy.
What's shakin', bub?
by britt December 10, 2003
907 401
A pet name for someone special in your life.
Hey bub, i love you..
by sheeesha August 12, 2008
862 409
another word for babes or babe.
uni-sex term, but women generally use it.

"hey bubs, love you."
by tashaa November 28, 2007
445 144
bub or bubly, also knows as champaign.
You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
by Chosen March 06, 2003
821 583
Owner of Bubs' Concession Stand. Enjoys eating his profits and dancing. Has such amazing concessions as cheats,ketchup,catsup,the letter "D",a Strong Sad voodoo doll,a "Deep Impact" DVD,and Strong Bad's gold plated,monogrammed,oven mitts. Also creates "Spamvertisements"
Bubs:I got all types of crazy crap!
by Homestar fan June 26, 2003
271 149
same as saying babe.
cuter by saying bub.

also babun means the same thing.
awww bub.
(aww babes)

aww babun
(aww babes)
by cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck February 05, 2008
505 423
A generic word you can call someone.
What's up bub?
How are you doin bub?
Wow bub, did you see that.
Who's yo daddy bub?
by Ty C May 21, 2006
253 177