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a young friend..a chum...a buddy.
What's shakin', bub?
by britt December 10, 2003
1. the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is often the result of anal sex.
ew.. dude... i cant belive you and ur homo boyfriend just got santorum on my bed... sickk...
by Britt December 23, 2004
Baltimore's area code. Not all people here like Dru Hill, the "band" just happens to be named after a place (Druid Hill).
Baltimore is the best city with kick ass parties and rockin' clubs.
by britt November 12, 2003
very expensive and cute jeans ranging from 90-200 dollars
Girl 1: Wow are those the new sevens?
Girl 2: Yeah i bought them yesterday!
Girl 1: Woah how much were they?
Girl 2: ummm around 165...
Girl 1: not bad!!
by britt March 05, 2005
to me jellies are just fashion i wear lots of them in every color yeah some of my friends are into the sexual meanings but me i think its gay..i'm a skater its just something to wear like a pair of jeans i mean if i wanted to have sex or anything i would do it b/c i felt ready and b/c i was ready not b/c one of my jellies got broke its really gay but here they mean
blue-oral sex
hot pink-makeout
i was at a party and someone broke one of my pink jellies and said its time to make out..i walked away sayin its not my style
by Britt May 10, 2004
a guy who says he'll call but doesn't, tells you things that aren't true, has a bunch of "girlfriends", and uses u to get ass from.
a couple of guys that i've dated
by Britt December 07, 2003
See the example below
Ex: What is a Dick For
by Britt February 05, 2005

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