trunciation for bottle tokes.

putting hash on a cigarette, inserting it into a whole made at the side of a bottle and letting it cook, until ready.
yo that last b.t. fucked me right up.
by G.I.JER September 21, 2003
British Telecom.

An old and established British company providing telecommunications services, particularly telephone and internet.

BT at present has a monopoly over the British communications industry, although smaller companies are now making some headway.
"This bill from BT is shocking!"
by Dasha July 10, 2004
Short for bitchtits. AKA Nick.
Fred: Hey what's up B-T?
Nick: Oh hey.
Ken: Hey man, his name is bitchtits.
by j123123123 October 17, 2011
A method of smoking hash, oil, or hash oil by which a small hole is made near the base of a glass or plastic bottle large enough to allow a the lit end of a cigarette access without touching the bottle.

Next a small amount of hash or oil is placed on the lit cigarette, the lit end of which is then placed inside the bottle, allowing it fill with smoke.

Once all the hash or oil is burnt off, the cigarette is removed, the cap of the bottle is removed, and the smoke is inhaled through the mouth of the bottle.

Also see bottle toke and BT ...
Don brews the best B.T.'s!
by Savanna Dee June 30, 2006
Acronym for: bad trip. Means something really bad happened. Originating from when you have a bad experience while hi on a drug.
Damn I just walked in on my roomate beating it... bt.
by huhnigga? December 10, 2004
BT is short for "Bian Tai" in Chinese.
Bian Tai used to mean homosexuality or someone is innormally addicted to something(esp violence & sex). But now it's widely used among youth like a tag for anything that looks too good or bad.
Tom adjusted the tint on TV so that all the people are green, and insisted:"I like it that way."
ppl:"You're too fucking BT."
by wangyang June 06, 2007
Blessed Trinity Catholic High School a school designed to torture students with its draconian disciplinary system. See PDA for one of these rules. Uniforms must be impeccable and faculty often checks to ensure girls have the proper skirt length. Additionally, boys must wear socks of a certain height. These and many other Nazi like rules define BT.
Excuse me your skirt is too short! We don't allow that here at BT!
by Anonymous July 30, 2004

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