1. Bong Toke : To take a toke from a bong
2. Bottle Toke : When smoking ash on the tip of a cigarette, through a bottle.
3. Bad Trip : To bad trip on a drug.
Let's go smoke some BTs of that good hashish.
by SasQ2 June 14, 2011
Mixture of pot and tobacco. Often times smoked out of a bong. Also can be used in joints or pipes of all sorts. Originating in Quebec but used worldwide. Sometimes called "PT" (pot/tobacco).
Let's smoke some BT's my friends !
by Minniemouse9 May 29, 2011
Bible Thumper - an extemely religious Christian that lives and breathes the Bible...and wants YOU to do so also.
That guy is such a BT; all he does is talk about church. And he's always trying to con me into going there with him!
by pugchief February 21, 2009
stands for "Burn Tour", or the act of driving around and smoking weed.
"Hey man, lets go for a BT after school."
by T-Hamm January 16, 2009
short/slang term for Bong Toke.
yo man lets get lifted off some fatty BT's before the party.
by rhino17 July 26, 2008
Big Tease - Often referred to someone that flirts with a bunch of people and does nothing to follow up with. This in turn can lead to people getting mad and disrespecting the BT.
Taylor G is a BT
by Riceay November 12, 2010
Short for "Boo Thang"
"Yeah, I just got off the phone with my BT. I love that boy"
by Not Available, Sorry December 07, 2011

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