Stands for Bong Toke
Dude, could you pack me a BT?
by Rufus Von Stoner February 28, 2010
Bible Thumper - an extemely religious Christian that lives and breathes the Bible...and wants YOU to do so also.
That guy is such a BT; all he does is talk about church. And he's always trying to con me into going there with him!
by pugchief February 21, 2009
Big Tits.

I think you get the idea.
Jim: Have you seen BT anywhere?
Jon: Who da fucks BT?

*sees lady friend with really big tits walk by.*

Jon: oooooh.
by blatsuwu June 12, 2011

A boy you you play with...
call up your bt!
by BTlover June 02, 2010
Behavior Therapist, Behavioral Therapist
My BT and I don't agree on my son's treatment plan.
by dietcokeno1 June 10, 2008
1.A three valved low brass instrument

2.stands for Bass Trumpet

3.An extremely awesome instrument

4.used in marching band instead of euphoniums
1.BT's are awesome

2.Check out thoose BTs.

3.BTs are extremely awesome

4.Check out that marching band they have seven BT's

by most_Awesome November 27, 2006
Used in a anime series .Hack//Sign a girl nicknamed BT,
Stands for Bacon and Tomato. She doesn't like Lettuce, so she omitted that.
(Hey Bt lets go fight some monsters since were online and thats what online people do?)
by Vincent-_0 April 20, 2006

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