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A lovable harmless goof, you can control, and who is at the mercy of your whims, who is available to you sexually, emotionally and financially, at any moment of the day.
I was feeling so lonely after my boyfriend dumped me, I felt unttractive, unwanted and broke. So I called my friend Steve, who is a totally "Jeffy", to take me out, listen to my problems and pay for me. Although he gets very aggressive at the end of the night and I feel, given the opporuntity he would rape me, I still feel safe around him.
by Alan S. April 21, 2008
The single greatest human being alive. Always on Omegle or ChatRoulette, a sweetie all around, but kinda goofy and obsessed with sex. Has troubles answering his phone, or Skype. Very easy to love, very very hot, and someone you never wanna let go of. Don't ever lose your Jeffy or you'll lose your heart. <3
My god, did you talk to Jeffy last night on Skype?

Yeah, but he didn't answer until the third time.
by SomeSwagOrSomething September 01, 2010
Getting a hand job in a pool
Friend 1- "So have you hooked up with that girl yet?"

Friend 2- "Yeah, she finally gave me a jeffy yesterday"
by pbny July 15, 2011
Someone who is kind and loving. Someone that you can trust and who always has your back. A word that means love, trust, and happiness.
You are a true jeffy.

I jeffy you with all my life.

You're are my jeffy, heart, and soul.

I can really jeffy you with my secrets.

I'm so jeffy right now I can hardly speak.
by missme_questionmark January 21, 2013
Jeffy is a term used, mostly in Ontario, to describe one who's actions have left no doubt in everyone, that he is a moron and/or just a Tard.

Do not mistake with the Name of an individual.
X: Sorry man, I spilt my beer on your bed...
Y: You Jeffy!
Crowd: JEFFY!!!
by Djgodbout November 30, 2010
A lobbyist person who sucks up to Big Pharma and policy makers inside the beltway in Washington, DC.
The jeffy arranged for big tax breaks to Big Pharma for giving away libido-enhancing pills to the unemployed, 2009.
by "Norma Rae" July 26, 2009
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