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Occurs when supervisory personnel intentionally undermine their staff through nefarious means.
Cathy browns her staff when she intentionally lies to and about the staff; demands increased performance of her staff while refusing to provide the tools and training necessary for them to meet the new performance standards; requires a member of her staff to assume supervisory capacity then refuses to acknowledge, reward and/or compensate that staff member for a job well done; forbids and prevents a staff member from working from home only to then beg that staff member to work from home on a project requiring immediate attention; surreptitiously and without approval accesses and reads her staff's emails; without further compensation, reduces by a week a staff member's accrued vacation hours to lessen the impact on her scheduling needs; bullies her staff into into 'doing as told' then denies having provided said direction...
by HighWire2013 January 23, 2014
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Early 20th century African American slang for a black woman. Appears occasionally in older jazz/blues tunes.

Occasionally used in the form "my brown" to mean "my girlfriend."
You'll see pretty browns,
In beautiful gowns,
You'll see tailor-mades,
And hand me downs.
by A Lone Jazzman December 01, 2011
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Browns is the first pinch one takes from a freshly opened can of chewing tobacco. The pinch (slug) one takes is often the juiciest in texture, and subsequently, provokes the darkest and richest quality of spit. Browns is a reference to the dark and outstanding color of the first lip itself, and dark spit it causes one to produce.
I want browns on that new can of Kodiak.
by jammerhouse April 25, 2011
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If you call someone brown, it means they're a faggot and retarded.
"You're so brown".
by Jedy Drakey September 27, 2010
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1. the act of being the first one to shit in a toilet after it's cleaned

2. having first dibs to shit
Danny was happy to come into the office and get browns on the freshly cleaned toilet.
by mr. brown1 June 16, 2010
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Usually a common last name derived from the word, trick, given to females who play you and have fake shit.
Man, K. Brown fucks you up!
by Tellslikeitis January 01, 2010
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Verb (Brown, Browns, Browned, Browning)

The action of, and seeking pleasure by, deceiving someone through a careful architecture of pre-planned lies. However, some browns (lies) can be spontaneous. The 'browner' (liar) is a master of deceit, manipulation and skulduggery.

• (brown one's way into/out of) get oneself into or out of a situation by lying (browning) : you lied (browned) your way in to keeping this job by implying you were actually doing work.
• (of a thing) present a false impression; be deceptive : the camera cannot lie (brown).

TERRY: James, did you pay that money you owed me into my bank account?

JAMES: Yeah of course mate, I did it a couple of days ago

TERRY: Thanks.


TERRY: I Spoke to James this morning and he said he'd paid me back that money I leant him. I just checked my balance and he hasn't.

NORMAN: Do you think he would brown you?

TERRY: Yeah, he must of, he's blatantly world's biggest browner.
by Neo-Dictionary April 04, 2011
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