Is the probe/mouse/player color, when you are playing a cat and mouse game on Starcraft There was a joke made in this game in witch brown was given the joke that his probe was full of shit because of his color and his slowness, He also kept dieing in this game This joke was created after a two hour long game in witch things were assigned to each color.

“Quit being a brown I’m sick of saving you”
“Its like the like me”
Well stay away from them”
“They killed me”
by Carter90 January 07, 2009
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a common slang term for heroin.
We just went back to his car and smoked some brown.
by fadeout June 13, 2008
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A state of sadness, anger, or disappointment most commonly caused by losing, especially at video games.
"Oh man, did you hear how Matt lost to his girlfriend twice in a row at Marvel vs. Capcom 2?"

"Yeah dude, he got mad and kept making excuses then he just stormed away. He was so brown."
by djfruitsnacks82 October 08, 2011
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A slang term for the drug Heroin, like skag
"No, you've got it the wrong way round
You shut me up, and blamed it on the brown" - The Libertines, Can't Stand Me Now
by Nightfreak November 14, 2004
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Poopies, as in the act of going poopies in the potty.
by BobHornytoad March 31, 2004
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The uniform a Ups driver wears is called his or her browns.
Steve we are short a driver. Go put your browns on and run this route.
by The Man Speaker March 02, 2008
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A team that sucks ass so big. they wish they were Pittsburgh. Has a Bulldog as mascot which looks similar to the people from there butt ass ugly... Never even been to a Superbowl and haven't had a winning season since god knows when. You can distinguish a Browns fan by watching them on Interstate 279N by the way they drive...., With there heads between their legs like a dog that has pissed on the rug. Crappy town with douche-bag fans. It is always fun to Rag on them cuz its so easy, much easier than bung-hole fans...
" Man did Yinz guys see that we just wooped the browns forty-one to zero"

" Yinz know I hate the browns, they are fuckin losers much more than seattle. "

In poker games with my buddies we say "brown out" instead of "fold" this signifies how bad the hand sucks.

Cleveland named after a man that invented the toilet thus the team was partnering with the city on a team name hence the browns and thats the only heritage they have.

Other names for cleveland:

"mistake by the lake", " City where lame comic Drew Carey resides and is actually proud of., Place where obesity and sucking ass goes hand in hand, Example: Drew carey,browns

Be safe and remember "Friends don't let friends live in Ohio"
by Steelers Rock Yinz Guys September 07, 2006
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