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alternative north west england slang for melvin, wedgie, etc; the act of grabbing the back of someone's undies and pulling them up hard, forcing the material up their arse crack
"I browned him so hard there was blood in his boxers"
by Linalmeemow May 14, 2007
1. adj. describing an act an individual performs making that person "brown". *brownstain *brownery *browneye *browneyed brown guy
Jim is so brown sometimes.
Alex is the brownest individual i know
by J-rod nosredna February 14, 2007
A British Slang term for the Ileagal drug heroin. asscosciated with rich, rough idoits who havn't the slightest f**k about what they're doing.
Guy :"Eddies gone and trashed the school for the 50,000,000th time"
Girl :" Probarbly fishing to get some cash for Brown"
by Memama December 31, 2006
The correct term of calling a "black" person. Last time I checked "black" people had dark brown skin, light brown skin, MAYBE close to white skin, and tan skin.
Person 1: My white sister totally likes your black brother.
Person 2: ....Excuse me.
Person 1: What?
Person 2: We're brown you racist.
( Person 2 dramatically exits room)
by ept1198 October 09, 2011
Noun. Meaning the extemely rude and obnoxious people invading the U.S. from the south, Usually spanish speakers that will bring an entire tribe shopping or some public place without regard for anyone else. Often they will block walkways, escalators, stairs, etc. and look at you as if they are about to attack.
"oh, shit, hurry up and get {whatever}the fucking browns are coming, there won't be shit left!!
by someone0067 March 20, 2011

US & UK - Derogatory term used to describe people with olive tanned skin. Used in similar way to terms such as 'Black' and 'White'

US - Used mainly for Black people with light skin pigment, Arabs, North Africans, Pakistanis, Hispanics, Latin Americans (Latinos), Native Americans, Mediterraneans, other Middle Eastern and Indians.

UK - Used mainly for Black people with light skin pigment, Arabs, North Africans, Pakistanis, Indians, Afghans, Mediterraneans and people of other Middle Eastern Descent.
Damn! That honey got sexy tanned brown skin!
by PirusNiggerLeech March 15, 2009
used to be a colour but now is a blanket term for anyone with brownish skin (teenagers use it to describe southern asians, middle easterns and in some cases people from the Caribbean). It is also a common misconseption that brown people are all terrorists. Many people are surprised to know this is not true.

Not racist, unless used excessively, then it gets annoying

"Man, Ahmad is one brown son of a bitch"

Ahmad: "brap! you know it!"
by Double A Arab December 02, 2007