A hard, more crunchy version of brownies. Somewhat like peanut brittle, but brownie flavored.
I was gonna make some brownies, but I left them in the oven too long... so now they're browns.
by TYFuuuNKY December 13, 2009
A very common surname in the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. The Brown surname originated in 10th Century England Other Brown tribes came from Scottland and Germany (German Browns usually spell their name Braun). Historically, many immigrants arriving in the U.S. changed their names to common American names with Brown being a favorite for it's commonality and short simplicity.

An almost impossible surname to have to research if attempting to trace one's family tree due (of course) to the large number of Browns in the population. Especially in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. In "Brown circles" (with respect to Genealogy) this phenomena is often referred to as coming up against the "Brown Brick Wall".

Browns have a long history in the U.S. and were amongst the first European settlers. A Mr. Brown was a registered passanger on The Mayflower ship that came over from England (the very first one).

Long live the Browns.
Brown, Browne, Braun
by downtownjudybrown April 19, 2007
Following in the same vein as cool, to be used as a simple one word response to any statement which you find to be satisfactory, agree with, or which pleases you.
"We won the the game last night"

"It's gonna be bantastic man, you feeling it?"

"This is one sweaty kebab"
by chezzabakes May 09, 2009
A state of sadness, anger, or disappointment most commonly caused by losing, especially at video games.
"Oh man, did you hear how Matt lost to his girlfriend twice in a row at Marvel vs. Capcom 2?"

"Yeah dude, he got mad and kept making excuses then he just stormed away. He was so brown."
by djfruitsnacks82 October 08, 2011
Is the probe/mouse/player color, when you are playing a cat and mouse game on Starcraft There was a joke made in this game in witch brown was given the joke that his probe was full of shit because of his color and his slowness, He also kept dieing in this game This joke was created after a two hour long game in witch things were assigned to each color.

“Quit being a brown I’m sick of saving you”
“Its like the like me”
“Well stay away from them”
“They killed me”
by Carter90 January 07, 2009
a common slang term for heroin.
We just went back to his car and smoked some brown.
by fadeout June 13, 2008
Another term for a cigarette
"Yo bruv you got anys browns left?"
by rudeboyfk October 27, 2004

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