A lady who often laughs uncontrollably at obscene jokes.

A very strange person who has a sense of humour that no homosapien will ever understand.
'Brooks' - A man walked into a bar - Laughs uncontrollably.
by The one and only Iron maan October 28, 2013
A person who thinks he knows everything, has weird bangs, wears the same hat all the time, won't talk to his crush, is a Mormon who leaves his door open for any stranger to walk in, has a lot of siblings, isn't allowed outside after dark (usually six), and is pigeon-toed.
Guy 1:" Fun-fact:A giraffe has a 20-inch tongue."
Guy 2: Dude you are such a Brooks.
by Nigglaham November 08, 2011
brook - verb - to edit or fix a performance fault or mistake via technical means.
"that snare drum is out of time - can you brook it?"
by Nik Sonic March 12, 2009
is a pretty sexy woman. Brook's are very smart and funny, Brook's enjoy watching Gossip Girl. Brook's are very cool Maori's and are very skuxx.
Hey did you see that guy that just walked past us?

Ohh yeah, thats a Brook.
by Pseudonym Anonymous. January 30, 2011
To fuck a bunch of different people in one night.
Ah I really want to brook that girl.
by Fucker123 January 30, 2007
First glance seem to be a cool chick only covering up the fact that she's an alcoholic meth-head tramp who will suck the life out of any man. Not only a freeloader but also a total slut that will take it up the ass by any dude at any time. Tends to be a total mouthy bitch who has saggy tits and a beer belly.
God it's too bad Jim's girlfriend has to be Brooking herself out. Not even a donkey punch would set her straight.
by ksdklghoaiiigijjw January 14, 2011
(v)- to screw something up in a mahor way, to lick butter off the floor of a dirty cabin floor
(adj)-to be quite confused
"Dude, You brooked it!"
by me again April 08, 2005

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