an action that is considered control-freak-like and performed out of insecurity.
by Eric Shi April 01, 2004
1.The small town I live in
2.A place you never want to live
3.A place that has nothing but drama.
4.Small place in North Western Indiana where about 1,000 people live
I live in Brook. It is full of drama and bitches running their mouths!
by completely_corrupted August 09, 2005
To cry about, be afraid of, or complain about everything. To chicken out is to Brook out. Whining about something is Brooking about it.

Brooks are afraid of girls, they Brook out when one talks to them. Usually when a girl says hey to a Brook, a Brook will respond by saying something gay like 'yo'. People who wish to bring someone out who acts like this will say 'don't be a Brook'.

Nobody wants to be a Brook.
A Hot Girl: Hey.
A Brook: Looks away and mumbles 'yo'.
by Tiger Trainer November 19, 2009
Brook being a joint, spliff or something of the sort.
eg: "chark that brook"
or: "smoke that joint"
by Cambia July 28, 2005
1) Leather bicycle saddle of ancient origin. Chronically hard and ill-fitting, although this fact is denied vociferously by the cogniscenti in the Retro Grouch and Fixie Hipster crowd who prefer to roll old school.
Yep, my Brooks saddle is nice and broken in. It only took two seasons! Too bad the last one got stolen off of my fixie. At least they left the rest of the bike.
by WheezerMF August 14, 2009
A name derived from the female name Brooke. Usually possessed by girly men with no facial hair and small un-stout packages. Generally on the lower end of the IQ scale.
"His parents wanted a girl named Brooke, but he was a dude, so they named him brooks. I hear he has a small package."
by All American #11 March 20, 2010
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