A saying, Someone who got a new b/f g/f straight away.. we say they "did a Brook".
Tiva: I love you Tyler.
Kim: Tiva just done a "Brook."
Tiva: ...
by Brookie. July 03, 2011
(verb) An action executed by a girl to their boyfriend that means to be bossy, or to constantly tell someone what to do, all the time. Literally. Nothing is said that isn't an order. And those orders are expected to be followed, or the person executing those orders will flip out, usually in the most stupid ways possible. Let it be noted that as soon as the girl is able to boss their boyfriend around, they think they can boss everyone else around, too.
Person #1: "Shut up and stop doing that, or I will act like a cry baby!"
Person #2: "Are you pulling a Brook?"
by udontknowme(: February 12, 2010
a person with great hair, usually brunnette.
that guys hair is brooks!
by Loves Hair2k3 December 23, 2008
An automobile line produced by General Motors.
I shonuff bough me ah BAD Brook Ribera las munt.
by jimboY November 09, 2013
To be a bitch
Don't be a brooks

Ima kill that brooks

If I was a brooks I'd kill myself
by redskinsjjv November 07, 2013
A lady who often laughs uncontrollably at obscene jokes.

A very strange person who has a sense of humour that no homosapien will ever understand.
'Brooks' - A man walked into a bar - Laughs uncontrollably.
by The one and only Iron maan October 28, 2013
A person who thinks he knows everything, has weird bangs, wears the same hat all the time, won't talk to his crush, is a Mormon who leaves his door open for any stranger to walk in, has a lot of siblings, isn't allowed outside after dark (usually six), and is pigeon-toed.
Guy 1:" Fun-fact:A giraffe has a 20-inch tongue."
Guy 2: Dude you are such a Brooks.
by Nigglaham November 08, 2011

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