the realest biitch you'll ever meet.
you will fall in love with this giirl no matter what the hatin ass bitches have ta say.
she's envied by many an people are always talkin shit because they cant be her.
she's similar to a loni in many ways.
brook is a 5 star chick and is not a girl you should fukk with,
she's known to be a "bad bitch",,
the baddest.
yet everybody loves her and respects her.
known to have a big ass and thick thighs.
she brooked that bitch!!

look at her ass!!
by thiing 1 September 20, 2009
to masturbate viciously every hour on the hour.
he has a blister on his hand because he brooks
by sninja666 July 30, 2008
This is the name of an extremely intelligent, athletic and sexy young woman. Her emphasis on hard work, good order, and excellent health infect those around her. She is also very likely to be an expert a nutritional and ecological cooking, as well as the maker of a perfect vodka martini.
I wish that I could run a foot race faster than my wife, but unfortunately I'm married to Brook!"
by Station-Seller February 04, 2010
a male/female with brown hair, brown eyesand with a good smile, the personality overrules the looks but they are not ugly. a funny person too! they are there to protect their friends and love the ones around them, they are popular with everyone and get along with the majority of people. everybody loves a brook except the 'easy-jealous' ones. they are the perfect combination all-round.
where's brook when you need him/her? they would sort it out!
oh 'brook' is so sweet! what an amazing person!
by ItalianPro November 30, 2011
1-to be of ultimate greatness, sexyness, or wit; usually in all forms
2-to defy all laws of logic; to tell science and life, to go "**** themselves"
3-to prevent or deny without any rational reasoning or thought-manner
-Jonathan Larson, before sadly passing away, was always in the state of brook, or brooking: Shakespeare always brooked when writing.
-Mate, he totally brooked that jump!: He is totally brooking that Act!
-Did you see the new kid brook the teacher?
by TheGreatBowChicka September 16, 2009
sexy beast with curly hair
brooks a drummer
by money bdbdbdb June 14, 2009
A one of a kind Olympic athlete.
Brooks leads team U.S.A to the World Cup.
by Kory21 May 24, 2011

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