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a male/female with brown hair, brown eyesand with a good smile, the personality overrules the looks but they are not ugly. a funny person too! they are there to protect their friends and love the ones around them, they are popular with everyone and get along with the majority of people. everybody loves a brook except the 'easy-jealous' ones. they are the perfect combination all-round.
where's brook when you need him/her? they would sort it out!
oh 'brook' is so sweet! what an amazing person!
by ItalianPro November 30, 2011
40 22
the most amazing person ever
lots of love to give
lucky to know or have
great listener
great helper
makes people happy

Brooks is awesome. i love him!!!!
by iloveu June 17, 2008
681 284
someone who is very unforgettable
That guy was brooks.
by actual meanings 1983 January 02, 2009
426 141
a person who most people find holarious.
that guy is a brooks
by MasturFitur December 23, 2008
373 153
Someone who is particularly awesome and has good sex
Oh man, Brooks was so good in bed last night!
by Boon26 March 08, 2010
298 157
One of the cutest girls you will ever meet. She loves to make new friends and everybody loves you. She is easily to fall in love with. Usually a Brook has an amazing personality with an awesome body to go along with it. It is not uncommon for a Brook to get many jealous stares. She can easily get any boy she wants if she sets her heart to it. Usually she goes by many pet names. She is not to be confused with a slut. She is friends with everybody from every clique. She has few enemies. She hates to fight but if confronted she will stand her ground and stick up for herself. She is multi talented and is up for trying new things.
*girl passes*
Oh dude look. She is such a Brook. Look at the way Stacie watches her.
by Shushyerfluf(: January 02, 2011
196 70
a person with great hair, usually brunnette.
that guys hair is brooks!
by Loves Hair2k3 December 23, 2008
291 202
a type of hair cut. low fade. a guido type of hair cut.
Yo! did u see mark, he got brooked out
by ... a mack May 05, 2005
223 149