1. Characterizing game mechanics or objects that are so powerful that they trivialize game content or become the only desirable items or mechanics for a player to use.
2. Describing any combination of character class mechanics and equipment which is too difficult or impossible for skilled players to reliably counter in player vs player combat.
Rogue stunlock chains were broken so Blizzard changed the mechanics.
by Ba Rum Ba Dum Dum September 20, 2011
When someone you thought loved you the way you loved them, leaves you hanging in the dark and makes you feel like a complete fool for trusting that person. And in the end, they just did it to make another person jealous.
I feel as though my heart was broken.
by Shatter96 May 18, 2011
The Bro version of a Ken. Essentially, the best man a bro ho (a.k.a. bro hoe) could hope for. Simply put, a bro that has learned to remove his hat, and to comb his hair.
"I think Bro Kens only exist in the minds of Bro Hos. I have yet to see one."
by brownnipples February 08, 2009
Term used in Card Games that signifies an extremely good card.
That card is broken, everyone better be using it.
by Cds February 18, 2003
A term that sore losers use to define fighting games that they are inexperienced at.

Mainly used as an excuse for losing in order to play off a lack of skill.
"Dude, you beat me in MVC2..that game is so broken!"

"This guy keeps cornering me, but it has nothing to do with my lack of skill..this game is just broken!"
by CPNK09 January 16, 2009
"Bro-tokens", the type of imaginary currency used by bros to determine how much they owe each other.
"Hey bro, can I cash in 10 bro-kens if you pay for my Subway?"

"Yeah, I owe you ten bro-kens anyways for giving me that nice piece of ass's number"
by yarr the pirate April 23, 2010
Typically used in the workplace, something becomes "Broken" when a person wants to avoid doing a job involving a certain piece of machinery by claiming that it isn't functioning properly.
Mr. Stevens : Carlos, I need 5 copies of this on my desk by sundown!

Carlos : Sorry sir the copier is "Broken" right now.

Mr. Stevens : The copier is always "Broken" when I ask you to use it!
by K-grind August 16, 2009
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