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A reverse trap is the opposite of a trap. A trap in this case is a man who dresses like a woman and is somewhat feminine in appearance. Therefore a reverse trap is a woman who dresses like a man and is somewhat masculine in appearance.
I can't tell if the person in this photograph is a trap or a reverse trap.
by Anon of UCSC March 15, 2008
When a woman appears and sounds like a man. Typically seen at anime conventions.
Girl 1: Hey who's the new guy?

Girl 2: I dunno but he's gorgeous!
Girl 3: Actually, that's a girl... It's a reverse trap.
Girls 1 and 2: Dammit!
by MaTRyoSHKaDoLL December 26, 2012
A chick that looks like a guy dressed like a chick.
Lexi Lush (somewhat known scene queen) is a reverse trap.
by killakyraskeetskeet July 17, 2010
Reverse Trap:

1. An unflattering picture of somebody whom in real life is attractive.

2. The word "Trap" in reverse.

3. A sentence typed in reverse, which is a trap.
by Captain Vane March 12, 2010

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